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Indiepub… submitted!

Posted in General DevLog with tags , , , , , , , on 2010/08/01 by Evan Sammons

With this one, people will be able to vote for their favorites, and winners will receive a $1000 prize! I’ll post up the link when that is ready to go.

It’s gotten to a point no where most if not all improvements are related to graphics and presentation. There is still this ONE bug that I cannot seem to figure out! During the boss scene, there is meant to be a ton of debris falling as you fight him, especially during his fall at the end. Without this, the scenes lack some ‘oomph’. It’s a simple matter of creating asteroid-like objects at the top or bottom of the screen and have them move across very fast…  yet they fail to appear almost every time. The few occasions I’ve gotten it to work again, it usually reverts back to failing in the next test. I’m thinking I’ll just have to change how they appear in the first place. But yeah, it’s very annoying, and I’d prefer to spend more time on cooler stuff. So I do, and it’s turning out great. Little by little, the demo reaches it’s full solid form, a benchmark for the rest of the game to follow.

I’m still itching to work on later levels of the game, and getting all the proposed features in. It will probably take while simply designing and getting all the pieces of the puzzle to fit – which happens to be my favorite part of game development. I’m confident that when it all comes together, the experience will be much deeper than your average action shooter, something more explorative and intriguing. The kind of thing that makes the Metroid games such hits, but on a completely different plane since the player is unable to freely roam about the level. I can’t fully explain how it goes in my mind, but I just know that it will be a unique and epic adventure. I love the music, and I want it to take players to place they never thought possible.

That may sound pretentious, I hope it doesn’t, but we’ve been working on this for almost 3 years and I’m still in love with the idea. Most ideas I have or designs I write down are not so appealing after even a week. I’m attached to it, and can see exactly where I want it to go. It may take a while (although all the framework is there to speed up production), but it will get there. It must!



Update – Swarms.

Posted in Game Features with tags , , , , , , on 2010/02/06 by Evan Sammons

Hi again, Tom here with a little info post and a project update!

So far we have the main engine complete, which includes player movement, controls, weapons, and overall level and ‘section’ control (I’ll go into detail in later posts). It’s almost smooth sailing from here, with a ton of content to add and levels to choreograph to each song on Level 2 the album.

I have to say, testing each new feature is a blast. The most recent significant addition has been swarming enemies, where numerous weak enemies fly around an origin point, similar to bees around a hive. The system is extremely flexible, allowing a ‘mother’ entity to continuously spawn swarmers, or the swarming enemies themselves origins for more swarmers, or swarms used as projectiles shot out of cannons, mouths, portals, whatever! Swarms could even be created when something else is destroyed – like being split into many enemies, or perhaps spawning swarmers as you damage a larger enemy, so bits will appear to break off and fly around that enemy, eventually being whittled down to a pure swarm. So it seems swarmers will be one of the main enemy types in the game.

You may recall from the teaser our main character shooting frantically with a lasergun. Well, now you can imagine a giant, chaotic swarm of mindless programs hurtling towards him, the laser blasting enemies to pieces and whittling the swarm down to a few harmless drones.

In posts to come, look forward to more info about what we currently have, since I believe we have some seriously cool features and I’d love to share them all with you. Right now I’m just chipping away at getting a full level to release as a demo, but in the process I’m sure some more core features will appear – and of course there will be updates on those, too.


DevLog intro

Posted in General DevLog with tags , , , on 2010/02/05 by Evan Sammons

Hi, I’m Tom Vine. Soon to be 22, living in Anaheim, CA. Totally opposite end from Maine, but we get by.

I head up the ‘coding’ of this game. I say ‘coding’ because I’m using Multimedia Fusion 2 (developer edition) to make Level 2 the game. Check it out if you like, the coding interface is a grid-based list of events, conditions, and actions. No real code-writing, but still very flexible and surprisingly powerful. If you’re interested in game development, I suggest checking clickteam’s products out at, they have several demo versions available.

Anyway, to introduce, Level 2 the game is an action-platformer. It combines old-school platforming with modern shooter-style gameplay. You control the character on a 2d plane, moving and jumping with the keyboard, and aiming and shooting with the mouse. We aim to implement support for dual-analog controllers, particularly the Xbox 360 gamepad, and it should be very smooth. There’s a lot of influence from the Metroid series and the work of HR Giger in terms of general mood, look and feel. Personally, from a gameplay standpoint, influences include Mega Man 2, Metal Slug and Tyrian – yes, Level 2 will even be reminiscent of scrolling shooters at times.

A lot has been done to create a synergy between game and music. Enemies will blast you with lasers in time with the music, and scream lyrics at you as they charge in to destroy you. As music rises in intensity, so does the game. This isn’t a rhythm game by any means, in Level 2 you will engage in brutal warfare with the music, and you will fight each song to the very last note.

You can listen to Upload Complete on Last Chance To Reason’s myspace page – Upload Complete is the first level in the game, and it’s close to being finished. The teaser ( shows some scenes from this level, some incomplete.

Check back for updates, they should be coming quite frequently!

-Tom V