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Welcome to the demo of ‘Level 2’, the interactive concept album by Last Chance to Reason. Featured is the first track and first level of the album, ‘Upload Complete’.

Destroy everything that moves and shoot for a high score!



RECOMMENDED SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Windows XP service pack 3 or above, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
1.6ghz processor
512mb system RAM (1gb for vista and 7)
128 MB Direct3D compatible video card and DirectX 9.0 compatible driver



Control with either Keyboard+Mouse or an Xbox 360 Wired USB controller. Your controller MUST be Wired, or have a Wireless reciever in order for it to function.

The game is divided into sections of Flight and Platforming:

In Flight the player character can move around in any direction.

In Platforming you succumb to gravity and may only move Right and Left, and are able to Jump and Double-Jump (press Jump again in mid-air).

Note: The longer you hold Jump, the longer you will stay in the air and the higher you will go. A short tap will result in a short hop. Use this variable Jump height to your advantage! This also applies to the Double-Jump.

There is a Rumble function for the Xbox 360 controller, but if you experience intermittent lag (game slowing down, choppy performance) it is recommended that you play with this function disabled.

Keyboard + Mouse:

[WASD] or [Arrow Keys] – Movement in Down, Up, Right and Left directions. Up functions as Jump (and Double-Jump) in platforming sections.

[Ctrl] or [Space] – Dedicated Jump (and Double-Jump) keys for platforming sections.

[Mouse Movement] – Aim with the cursor.

[Left Click] – Shoot weapon.

Xbox 360 controller:

For those familiar, the game uses Dual-Stick shooter control.

[Left Analog Stick] – Movement.

[Right Analog Stick] – Shooting. Gun will fire automatically towards direction pressed.

[Any other button] – Jump and Double-Jump in platforming sections. Right Shoulder Bumper button is recommended. Pressing or ‘clicking’ either Analog Stick will also work. Shoulder Triggers will not work.

[Start button] – This will reset the game back to the opening titles.

Similar dual-analog PC controllers may also function, though no other models have been tested.


Due to the nature of synchronizing the game with the song, sluggish or choppy performance can result in bugs and glitches, some of which may be quite dramatic.

Make sure your computer is running on DirectX 9 or above. Without it, the game will not run – it will likely crash after the title sequence. Support for downloading and installing DirectX can be found here:

Enabling Rumble may result in a loss of performance for some users, rendering the game unplayable. This should become apparent the moment it is enabled, so you must disable it again.

Making sure any background applications (such as instant messengers) do not interfere is one method of ensuring smooth play.

Your Xbox 360 controller must be Wired in order for it to function with the game. Using an ‘Microsoft Xbox 360 wireless Gaming Reciever for Windows’ may also work, though this has not been tested. Hooking up a wireless controller via USB will only cause the controller to charge – it will not respond in the game.


Music – Last Chance to Reason (Prosthetic Records)
Design – Evan Sammons and Tom Vine
Programming – Tom Vine
Pixel Art and Graphics – Francis Coulombe and Evan Sammons

‘Quadrangle’ font by Typodermic Fonts

For those who are curious, the Level 2 demo is built in Clickteam’s Multimedia Fusion 2 (Developer edition). Find out more at


Maine’s progressive-metalers, LAST CHANCE TO REASON’s Prosthetic Records’ debut, “Level 2,” is out today! To commemorate the release, the band has posted the downloadable demo version of the companion video game, also titled, “Level 2.” Go to the band’s official blog site, to get instructions and download the first stage! The game was developed by the band, designed by Evan Sammons and noted indie video game developer Tom Vine, who also programmed the game and features artwork from pixel artist Francis Coulombe.  
“Level 2,” the album, can be ordered on its own, or with an exclusive shirt, at PROSTHETIC’s official webstore:  HYPERLINK “”  .
The band  is currently on a tour that will end Saturday at New England Metal and Hardcore Fest on Sunday. Look for more dates to be announced shortly.

4/12    Sandusky, OH – The Underground

4/13    Trenton, NJ – Championship Bar and Grill

4/14    Brookfield, CT – The Room

4/16    Worcester, MA- The Palladium, NE Metal and Hardcore Fest

LAST CHANCE TO REASON teamed up with producer Jamie King (Between the Buried and Me) to create a modern take on the classic progressive concept album. Drawing influence from the 70’s prog of King Crimson and Yes, composers Steve Reich and Schoenberg as well as prog-metal masters Opeth, Dream Theater and Cynic, LCTR’s “Level 2” takes the band in awe-inspiring new directions.
Set in a Tron-like virtual world, the album’s concept revolves around the relationship between man and technology, our move from physical reality to virtual spaces and what these changes mean to our lives and our art. The lyrics are expressed from the point of view of an artificial intelligence facing the violent reality of a videogame world.
Since forming in 2005, LAST CHANCE TO REASON has shared the stage with Born of Osiris, Genghis Tron, Periphery, The Red Chord, Daath, Through The Eyes Of The Dead, Unearth and many more.



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You may have seen the Boss already from the very first posts of this blog. Evan has been updating the Boss graphically and it’s looking sweet! I’m now on the final 40-50 seconds of the song, which includes the inevitable fall of the Boss. Here’s what I have so far to start it off:

At this point, you will have already been fighting for a while – though from a further distance. This is where things start going downhill for our Upload Complete Boss.

I’m getting sick of calling him ‘Boss’, any ideas for a name?

Quick Update

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This update is small for you, but pretty big for me. I just fixed some bugs that have been frustrating me for months now! Now the player movement engine feels much more solid, very smooth. Before, if you jumped up a step and clipped the ground, you would instantly jump again. Now you simply go over the step as expected. The other bug involved the player character ‘floating’ above platforms, whilst still being able to move and jump normally – nothing really wrong with it, it just looked silly.

Another thing, upon respawn, now you can no longer get stuck in blocks. The character repositions directly in the middle of the screen upon respawn, so before if there were any platforms in the way, you’d get stuck in them and gradually rise up, sometimes off the screen to die again. That aint right, so I fixed it.

Finally, today some important systems for Bosses were put in place, which should make development for all other Boss sections much smoother. Right now, all work is going into one level, and with that a lot of major game mechanics have been built and refined so that later levels can be put together without much fuss.


What is it like to die?

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Coming Soon!

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This site will soon serve as the main stream of info for Last Chance to Reason and Tom Vine’s experimental videogame/concept album project: “Level 2”