Current Features: Music/Level engine features

I think it’s time to explain the main foundations of the game. As you know, the game is going to be very closely linked with the music, and each level is a song on the album. What happens in a level, how the game advances, and how you progress through the level is directly linked to the current point of time in the song.

Levels/songs are broken down into numerous ‘sections’, forming the core of the game. Each section has a great number of variables changing the ‘rules’ for that section – for example, in one section you’ll be flying around with the screen scrolling upwards, in another you could be on the ground with the screen staying still as kind of an arena. These rules apply to just about every aspect of the game, making levels potentially very dynamic since the level features are created as you progress through them, rather than being pre-designed or pre-generated.

Levels can react to the player in interesting ways, or indeed have totally random options to use when it gets to certain points. Hopefully, this will create a more intense atmosphere and a lot more fun when replaying the game, since it will never be the same twice!

I’ll give an example: Say you’re riding some kind of winged death-bomber program as it plummet  through cyberspace, and you fall off. Under normal circumstances, you would die, but with a special condition in the section rules, it could change the section completely – maybe you fall to the ground and have to run for your life as the bomber notices you and attempts to destroy you, or it could be that another bomber picks you up from an opposing faction, and you’re caught in an aerial dogfight.

The possibilities are pretty huge, and it should make for some great sequences whilst still keeping in with the mood of the music. It will still be the same section, just with altered rules and certain activated events.

That’s a pretty big piece of information about Level 2: The Game. Tomorrow I’ll explain some more about how the music and the game are going hand-in-hand.



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