“Upload Complete” lyrics

Hey everyone! Evan Sammons here. I play drums in Last Chance to Reason and I’m also handling the lyrics and a lot of the graphical assets (sprites, backgrounds etc) for ‘LEVEL 2.’ I thought some people might be interested in checking out the lyrics for ‘Upload Complete,’ the first track/level from ‘LEVEL 2.’

Upload complete

Pixels form to violent limbs
I am born, the end begins
I stumble,
physics format to this operating system

A system update glows in this directory

Erase or you will be erased
Erase. Do not miscalculate

Critical: File transfer required

Orbs of light scan my surface like curious children

Erase or be erased
Load. Execute.

Like Tom said you can check out the song here:



One Response to ““Upload Complete” lyrics”

  1. Hey Evan, Thanks for posting the lyrics
    Congrats on the Band for the great effort shown in the songs.

    Good Job.

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